I have avoided all social media so can speak only as an observer. That being said, isn't "healthy twitter" an oxymoron?

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“Nothing can now be believed which is seen on Twitter. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.” - Thomas Jefferson, probably.

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What is healthy Twitter usage? Zero. There's no such thing as healthy Twitter usage, any more than there is healthy cyanide usage. I enjoyed the comments about Klingon Jack Dorsey, the suggestion that by looking at his face he knows what he has done, this is, getting rich off people's unhappiness, spreading division, propaganda, and hatred. What I see is a flat affect, which can mean many things. Maybe it's drugs (legal or illegal). Maybe it's depression. Maybe it's a poker face. Maybe it's a faceplate that pops off when he sneezes, revealing the circuitry underneath.

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I always thought of Twitter as a field latrine. Complete with diesel, stirrers, and fire. Twitter is a collection point after all...

I believe the description in this segment is probably more succinct.

What’s sad is that there’s tons of smart people who share art, skills, humor, and things I would consider good. This is a fractional part of the Twitter crap sandwich though.

If one side has the best bread and best condiments and the other side who is part of the sandwich that is Twitter only offers crap for the filler...Mmmm?

Cheech and Chong are pothead hero’s. That’s all that’s needed to know.

Ask the “spark it up crowd” how many high profile psychos have smoked pot or when the last time they smoked before their rampages...Like Man, It’s from the Earth.

Isn’t there some wahabis (sp) on Twitters board? Or was? Some goofy Prince or something. I think he was also on Fox. I’m sure I’m wrong though...Just here to help they’re just businessman right?

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