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Before my back surgery, I enjoyed lifting. I could complete the circuit in half an hour, it didn't involve a lot of jumping around, and it improved my mood. It felt good. I had a neighbor who lost a ton of weight by joining a bicycling club. Starving yourself doesn't work. You have to change your habits permanently. My cousin got the surgery, but he became so famished he gained back all the weight. I've seen success with Weight Watchers more than any other plan. You assign points, count calories. It's debit and credit. You have to burn more calories than you take in. So you have to exercise every day and watch what you eat. Don't give up pleasure. But don't eat donuts every day. Moderation in all things. Get an elliptical for your basement. You need to get aerobic exercise every day (heart pounding, sweating). Complicating this even more is that every person's chemistry is different. Then there's aging—there are so few benefits to getting older. Having said all this, there are worse things than being overweight—don't let the press fool you. In fact, in your last years you probably want to be a little overweight rather than skinny and frail.

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