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“Informing Statecraft” by the “Original Edgelord” A. Codevilla is worth the read.

The former CIA director who voted for Gus Hall (a guy who did time in Leavenworth and leader of CPUSA if I remember” goes on TV, probably using his security clearance to pass open source Intel on a propaganda network...(Didn’t some Republicons vote for this guy when he was nominated?)

Another former CIA director gave us the “NWO” speech...And PFM look what we have now.

Probably more fun to be found!

There’s some FOIA stuff out that is on their support for loser Che and bigger loser Castro. The also didn’t think they were Communists lol!

This commercial is no surprise. Just keep thinking of the next debased thing and they will do it.

Someone might want to ask them about COVID-1984...Like really ask.

So instead of addressing their self created recruitment problems they are going to tap into the mentally unstable pool. Feature or a flaw?

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