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Fauci is nothing more than a T.V. personality claiming to be a Doctor. An overpaid corrupt bureaucrat.

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Okay, let's run a scenario: some brave and strong-stomached journalist or writer tackles a Fauci bio so the book-censors can refuse to sell it.

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Isn’t there an ex-presidents daughter on the board of Buzzfeed?

Who writes stuff like this?


I always think of the book “The Image” by Daniel J Boorstin and PT Barnum when I see people getting turned into something their not on our various mind control devices.

It’s almost like Fauchi’s AIDS playbook got used for the COVID-1984...Almost like Fauchi is the keystone for everything disease bad. Almost like he’s a sociopath or maybe he just turned into one.

He is also the highest paid bureaucrat in the government I believe... Like $400k!!! 40 years in government and 80 years old! What did he do prior? Send out broadsides or telegrams on the Spanish flu (still exists btw but 15 masks is the cure)when it first hit or did he bring it here?

The puppet masters don’t want to be seen...Controllables in the front. Really dumb ones...Like those two in GA that no one really likes.

Same racket getting used with the horrible teachers in some states. Governors who are elected push hysterics and then say schools can open if un-elected teachers want...and schools stay shut.

I don’t know who those guys(?) are in that YouTube whatever. Thanks for the heads up to avoid them though.

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Ahh and just like that China White Mitch stroking the FauCHI

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