Getting to some asymmetry which is good. This discussion had a lot in it.

Servers are expensive and expensive to maintain. It’s why everyone wants to use someone else’s.

Most intel is collected or passed through open or protected sources. Formerly newspapers and magazines and currently social media and websites, blogs, etc...

FBI agents used to be recruited from various police entities and were more mature in age. Now it’s kids who get law degrees and graduate from the same schools that their CIA counterpart recruits from. Weird!!!

This discussion made me the think of a 2011 essay by the Original Edgelord (Codevilla) on the CRB called “The Chosen One”. Maybe it’s just early for me lol.

Old communication tech should not be forgotten. I’m not saying use homing pigeons or anything...But, some old tech will always have some use and survivability.

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What is the right’s equivalent of AWS?

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