None of this would happen in a properly educated country. This IS working because of the Left's successful effort to control and run "education", turning "School" at all levels into indoctrination and re-training camps. It still wouldn't work if not for the Media at all levels being complicit. The American voting public has allowed both to happen and deserve the consequences.

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Leftist: There is no replacement migration. It a conspiracy theory of the far right (Just an example).

First answer from true rightwing person. You belong to the liberal left. What you really want, is to destroy western civilization and it's underpinnings. We have seen the slippery slope of leftist activsm countless times since the 1950s undermine the tenets of our civilzation again and again, and nothing indicates that your intenions are different this time. You are thus speaking in bad faith.

Leftist protests with irrelevant or untrue arguments alternatively points and sputters an epithet (Typically racist, nazi, fascist, xenophobe) or comes with an insult (Typically incel, lives in mother's basement, small dick).

Second answer from true rightwinger. I don't care what you say that you think, you might not even be aware of why you are acting as you do. Do you really think it's a coincidence that you hold every opinion that the mainstream left holds, that you have researched all these subjects and came up with an informed opinion that matches that of the mainstreamn, when you share all the establishment's views, including the ones that are wrong. What is most likely, that you think what you have been told to think or that you by pure chance, with your carefully reasearched opinions, have come to the same conlusions that the establisment holds - that are true as well as those that are false?

The left's impulse to destroy everything normal, beautiful, strong, genuinely masculine and feminine and traditional as well as every value that makes a civilzation healthy and able to survive has gone on for a century now and nothing indicates that you will compromise halfway and say stop If i would accept amnesty for illegals in excahnge for E-verify and a real wall and so on. In the 60s and 70s much of the heroes of today's left tried to make the case for pedophilia, and we can see the articles that are startling to trick out now about how pedophilia is a disease and that we must be compassionate and that not all pedophiles molests children. It sounded exactly the same with homosexual people in the 70s, the AIDS threw a spanner in your works but in the 90s you took the cause up again and now the left considers me a bigot for not thinking that gay adoption is a good thing, and if I say under my own name that I think the evidence for if homosexual adoption of children is yet to be found out whether it's good or bad and that I am tending towards the positon that it's bad for the children, you will try to have me shut up by any means, first by getting me doxxed and then on and on as is the left's standard MO these days to shut up dissidents.

L: Calls you an epithet, everytime, without fault.

Third answer from true rightwinger: I couldn't care less what you call me. I give not the slightest credence to your leftist morals and that you think you are superior to me while you demonstably destroy everything that once made this country great is an excellent reason for me notto do so. First you will deny that something even exists, as homosexual bathhouses or cruising spots, then you will say that ok, it's happening, but it doesn't have any negative effects (Whaqt does it bother you what people d oin their own bedrooms) and hence it's nothing to worry about. After that comes stage three where you say, okay, it exists and it is a problem (We know that homosexuals, who are paraphiliacs, ie drawn to strange or atypical situations objects, people, are twice as likely to molest young boys, and now we have homosexuals in the Boy Scouts and of course pederasts will try to gain access to boys there). At last you will say: Well, homophobes like you deserve it anyway and I couldn't care less, the molested boys was the price of progress and it was worth it

(Another example: Rightist: Do replacement migration exist in the west or not? Leftist: No it's just a conspiracy theory of the far right. R: But these statistics show that white people will be a minorty by 2050 if nothing drastically changes and for only 60 years ago whites made up 87 -89 percent of this countrie's population. L: Okey, it might be happening but it will only mean a more diverse access of food and restaurants. 3. But immigrants are to a large degree using finacial resources paid for by the taxpayers, they are very overrepresented in crime and they do not assimmilate anymore. L: Okay, maybe it is bad, but you deserve it, you inbred piece of white trash sitting in your mama's basement. That's payback for what you did to the Indians (Which reveals that the left of today does not at all care about economic fairness for the working class or middle class anymore, they are okay with neoliberalism that produces kilobillionaires as long as it's a degenerate, hedonistic neoliberalism that the elite makes into the hegemonic ideology- an ideology that makes sure anything the left finds to be considered normal is destroyed and as long as whites, the ultimate oppressors, are made into atomized individuals removed from all sense of their heritage and traditions and ultiamtely destroyed as a people).

Note that they will use the exact same example in europe, only then it's colonialism that is the reason why whites deserve to go from a completely heterogenous population, in for instance the UK, to a minority in a generations lifetime.

They also use they same argument in for instance Sweden who was never a colonial power, but then the crime the Swedes made was that they sold iron to Britain that was used to make shackles to transport the slaves in the north atlantic slave trade by britain and that they for about 50-100 years had a caribbean island to which 300 slaves were imported, which BTW is a far smaller number of salves imported than the number of swedish sailors taken as slaves by muslim arab pirates in the mediterranean, a complete and overwhelming majority of whom never were freed, and if so only by Swede's paying ransom from whome.

That northern europeans imported less slaves to North america than the total number of white slaves taken by arabs is never mentioned, neither that the majority of slaves was transported to the arab world as well as south america, neither that many arab countries did not remove chattel slavery as an institution unti lwell into the 20th century, for instance Saudi Arabia did it in the 60s and someother Gulf state did it in 1978, and then only under heavy pressure from the US.

Neither is it mentioned that eastern europe was for several centuries colonized by the Ottoman empire which treated it's colonial subjects far worse than did almost all of the European powers, except for Leupold Is private possession the Kongo.

Nor is it mentioned that it was whites who ended slavery at a substantial cost in white peoples blood as well as great financial cost (Except where it's still practiced today in inner Africa by blacks towards other blacks, in soverign countries after decolonization - also millions of temporary workers from for example Bangladesh are treated like serfs today in the Gulf states).

But whites deserve to be replaced in their home countries by people who are very unlike them and we have no right to demand assimilation or any gratitude or anything. Whitey should shut up and pay for his own colonization, if the western liberal elites have any say.

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Compelling argument.

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So disturbing and manipulative. Great piece once again!

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America, the goal is destruction of all freedom! This is always, always the Leftist action! Everything that is American is under attack. This is the picture we must see and reject.

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Thank you for writing this. Brilliant piece. This ties together a few convergent thoughts I had but did not have the structure to codify. Shocking how fast the trans agenda has unfolded in the West. I can only pray that my fellow Southeast Asians prove more immune to this insanity.

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