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Interesting conversation. Definitely needs a longer form discussion to dig deeper. People have been debating this forever, so an off the cuff talk doesn't do it justice. As a woman, the two most masculine virtues I see in men is integrity and decisiveness. Being what you appear to be as much as possible. Not bs-ing or posturing as something you're not, but rather being what you are and sticking to your guns. Making decisions and taking on the responsibility of their outcomes good or bad, i.e. choosing to be faithful to your spouse in the face of temptations, making big life decisions for the family, taking a risk and pressing through. Those things are very attractive to women who want stability and reliability in a man.

I would also say that male friendship has always appeared to me as starting around a common interest (usually a "thing") and then they get an idea of who their male buddy is and form loyalty. Women choose their friends based on perceived character, emotional support, and similar values. When those aspects are challenged many women will struggle with each to see if they will hold true to their values and if not they may drop them as friends. Again they are looking for stability. I think men may be able to handle instability better as a general rule, so a rocky friendship doesn't bother them as much. Compartmentalizing probably helps. Women, being more emotion based can't cut the way they feel out of an equation. If someone is stressing you out and also violating your values, they no longer provide support and might need to be pushed away. It's not smart or correct, but it one of the things that makes us what we are.

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