Stop calling them the left and start calling them COMMUNISTS. That is the end game. Totalitarian, one-party rule with zero individual rights. Marxists, sure. Socialism, the oft-marketed version enables the take-over through lies about each according to his needs. In other words “free” welfare for all. The kind that bankrupts a country. Right Maduro? And like the present Gulags operating in DC? Leninism. Stalinism. Whatever. This is a global Communist movement. Stealing elections and all. The take down of the US is the big prize. Then so goes the world. Ask Putin. Ask Xi. They are working TOGETHER. Congressman Nunes asked. And then the pro Communist Obama went about weaponizing the IC and DOJ/ FBI to spy on Trump. They WANT Iran to be nuclear armed. Anyone who loves liberty and a Constitutional Republic—the only SUCCESSFUL governance in modern history—had better be prepared to defend it. No matter what side of the political aisle you are on. Common sense dictates that dictatorship is our future if we don’t. The way Washington operates these days, hell, we are practically there!

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Sadly, your second sentence simply affirms the accomplishment of the goal mentioned at the start. There are quite a few arguments that support this view, although thee are logical responses to many. The one for which I think there is not response, however, is loss of control of our schools. Not just our Universities, but K-12 and Jur. Colleges are now indoctrinating the view and ideology of Cloward and Piven using many of the proven techniques of Alinsky being taught by the Socialist/Marxist/Communist offspring of the first half of the twentieth century, when they retreated into academia to hide and infiltrate our country by "teaching" our children.

We have no realistic way of reversing this control, as 3 or more decades of indoctranated adults are now in positions to defend and extend their influence. We have past the point of no return on the slippery slope. That is NOT to admit the loss of the war, but we need to focus on the crash to come when we hit bottom, as we must. No Marxist/Socialist government has ever been successful for long. They all fail. So the need now is to prepare a cadre of "keepers of the faith" in Capitalism, God, Morality and individual freedom to sustain people during the occupation of the Left. The only foreseeable defeat of the Marxist hoard will be some extremists exploding EMT devices over a significant portion of the modern world, putting most of the technological devices out of service. the result will be the death of at least 80% of the population who will run out of food, water, lack of electricity, gas and civilized behavior. Only those who know how to hunt, fish, and survive of the now destroyed grid will live, raising and hunting their own food, and having the skills to defend themselves against the clueless dependents who lack survival skills.

Other than that, it might be wise to encourage your (our) grandchildren to learn both Mandarin and Arabic, as those are the languages of those who are likely to take control of this continent.

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Should make them get on the defense.

Full on offense without overextending.

This can be done…

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