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Fish in an aquarium only grow so much. Megacity’s kind of feel like aquariums or gerbil cages. Wait till we get block wars...wait we kind of have that. Let’s import more people because that will fix it!!!

The things we put on and in our bodies have something to do with it. Thanks globalism! Some toothpastes have petroleum products in it for example. Soy in everything...Glycol which is used in Antifreeze is in some shampoo. Aluminum in anti-perspirants. Chemicals are conspiracies! The good friends at the corporations say “Science”! Feed the world or you are a caveman!

Culture of course. Women in the workplace, men never physically toiling outside. Teaching women it’s more important to work than be what makes them a woman. Men never doing physical labor and just lifting weights is not enough. Teaching men physicality is somehow bad probably not a good idea.(Side note: All boy teens, young men should do chores outside, on top of everything else, this includes school and sports. Might want to throw hunting and fishing in there, but that’s for rubes!)

Easy access to porn probably has something to do with ruining making babies. Why look for a mate when pretend is better!

Attitudes of children being a chore instead of survival. This is an entitlement thing...

The crap on Tv from really awful people still drains brains!

Idiotic universities preaching suicidal ideology and doom from bs climate change to “da wracismz”. To the most easily influenced young people.

Many religious institutions want short term people gains instead of long term survival. Do these people doing this actually have any faith? I know “heresy” right? This adds to insecurity but I haven’t had time to poll...

The political environment we live in. Who wants to have kids when there’s no protection, no borders, corporate oligarchy, and leaders who can’t be responsible and who can’t stop lying?

Everyone knows these things but pretending is better for most. It doesn’t matter which side people claim because the “leaders” are on their own side and not any of the people who believe them.

No time to be depressed. No time to point fingers. It’s game time! No time for hurt feelings or taking things personal. The people with actual voice and pull should stop sweeping the rain off of the sidewalk and get to real work. Root problems and there’s more than one...

A geopolitical adversary might see this as an advantage and opportunity to do something horrible. But nahhhh. Everyone is the same!!! The age of equally nice feelings!

Nothing is symmetrical. The mission/goal/work should go at all of these issues at once. The “connected people” should look outside their realm for others. If they’re serious people this shouldn’t be a problem.

Do not despair. Do not give in. Fight like hell, fight like our lives are on the line, because they are. Rip off band aids and disinfect. Take a cutting wheel, chisel, and sand paper and address the corrosion.

It’s going to hurt but that’s temporary. It has to be done. It’s going to take more than a few people to do this.

I’m just an anonymous American with no pull besides my small sphere. People who have a bigger voice need to stop worrying about mistakes and start getting to work.

I’m probably wrong though...

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