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Stay prepared. All the “Preppers” that people use to call crazy don’t look so crazy now.

Windmills froze. The big bird blending, land consuming, eye sores that are made by a geopolitical rival to provide unstable and unreliable energy weren’t winterized.

Solar panels in winter storms! This just sounds like it works...

The valves in the natural gas lines froze! Not the natural gas! It would have to get as cold as the ex’s heart to freeze natural gas. But valves powered by windmills...

Another fav...I believe only 2 of the 3 Board members for the energy company in Texas live in Texas. I bet they were warm. Connections to a certain President before Trump not named Bush or William J Blythe.

Thousand dollar and up energy bills for some people! The free market (TM)!

Integrating unstable energy sources into a closed system...

Infrastructure is always negative return that’s why it’s always on the back burner. But we need short term gains! Foreign adversaries part of our power grids! Nothing could go wrong right?

You’re right. It’s a good time to address and fix a bad situation. Can’t just look at numbers...Have to have a real goal that can’t be to deceive the people involved or deceive the people who pay for the consequences.

Texans are hardy. They can find a solution.

Never give in! Never give up!

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