I hope they snap out of it and get back to it. We need them too.

They need to get past the fear and blind compliance. Well intentioned or neurotic, they need to realize they will be treated like cattle if they don’t.

I am rooting for them.

Rioting is unattractive, uninteresting, and frankly boring. Now a first date or meeting someone’s parents for the first time...Every emotion.

The first guys that break this spell will be very popular. No doubt.

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Exactly the place to turn for this subject is Radical Son by David Horowitz. After his friend is murdered, he learns what the Panthers, and his so-called friends (white radicals) were really like. Horowitz is our Whittaker Chambers, and Radical Son is his Witness. An extraordinary book. He's 78. Let's not wait too long to thank him. Buy his books.

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