On a non-COVID note...

Going to guess deploying National Guard in border states to the border and defending their state and country might show some leadership.

Numerous Mexican officials have threatened the US publicly. Using Cartels to push drugs and people if they didn’t get their way with trade.

Didn’t Mexico ally with our adversaries before to get land they think is there’s?

Their leaders would never do that though... Their intentions are good!!!

Maybe Cartels think they are the new Aztecs and want what they think is theirs...nah. It’s not like the do human sacrifices or anything...

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Political cowardice should never be rewarded. Most use bureaucrats and “experts” as cover. All states should be open. Start firing teachers or go around them. Start firing so called health experts.

Bureaucrats always default to the extreme to protect themselves and their institution. This goes for any Department. Common sense not apply!

99.9 percent (roughly) mortality rate before vaccines...

Cowardly decisions by low character people combined with advice from mentally ill “experts” in NY, PA, MI, NJ, and CA ended the lives of many of the elderly early. But their intentions were good!!!

Masks...They could’ve been worn prior to COVID. We could’ve stopped all viruses 4eva with masks!!!! Besides making people faceless entities will soon only work if we get up to 20 at a time! All those Governors who invested money in China masks have to get that return before the hypnosis wears off. No one appears worried about babies and children with this mask mania but hey fads wear off I guess.

It’s almost like all decisions are based on money here, investment in foreign rivals, and how we are all considered a number on a power point....

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