The Texas legislature is targeting financial institutions that virtue-signal by refusing to do business with firearm-related industries. Big bucks in municipal bonds are at stake. See Cam Edwards's piece in Bearing Arms https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2021/04/29/texas-bill-aims-to-protect-gun-industry-from-discrimination-n44489 .

The pro-gun community has been doing this kind of activism for years. It's time for conservatives to stop the chin-stroking and do likewise. Make businesses pay a price for social activism against us.

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The Second Amendment Foundation used to publish a list of anti-#2A corporations and public figures. Perhaps our conservative media could launch regular features of such lists. Compiling and maintaining a such a list would be easier than ever now, with public figures like Ben & Jerry's shooting off their mouths on social media. Give your readers and viewers something to sink their teeth into, activism-wise, as Spencer did today by reading that over-the-top tweet.

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One of the best podcast interviews starting at 13:00 minutes absolutely describes what is needed for conservatives and Republicans and people of goodwill of any faith if our nation is to survive. We must again, like our founders, pick a "Christianity with...some good civil society tolerance" to fight the religious"wokeism." Politics religious neutral is a dead end. Please talk more of this and link to the folks fighting and preaching on the ground.

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A "conservative-recommended" list of businesses & products to avoid would be most welcome. I'm sure there are many to whom I'd prefer not to give my money but am not sure how to find them.

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Can buy Tillamook brand ice cream. Butter pecan is 733T! (I haven’t seen any “off the deep end” remarks from this company yet. Doesn’t mean they aren’t there).

Can make your own ice cream.

Dairy products from Amish or Mennonite communities can be pretty amazing.

Lots of choices.

Companies belonging to the “New Confederates” like “Ben and Jerrycans Ice Scream”, besides making something not that great actively attack people as a company and not as individuals. Why would anyone give them money?

Why buy coke products? Do they make life better? Do we need them? Does this company actively attack individuals and enter the fray of politics? Yes. Why buy from them? (We make our own Ginger Ale/Beer)

Boycotts work obviously. To not do them at this point is slightly smooth brain. Not buying or limiting purchases to the New Confederates is a good idea. All the money worshippers will say no to this while saying leftism is bad though lol.

Marketing works good. That’s why urges to buy garbage that’s not needed nor makes anyone’s lives better gets purchased. Easy to not buy stuff.

Companies do get pinned by our “elected” officials. Not excusing their behavior from their leaders but getting them out from the thumb might change their behavior.

Buying and banking local as much as possible is Main Street...Empowering foreign adversaries when buying their crap is probably not a good idea long term. Might make them think they rule us? Nah, that would never happen!

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I've never tried Ben & Jerry's. There's a local place I've gone to my whole life which satisfies my ice cream desires. In the grocery, there's Edy's, Breyer's, and Haagen-Dazs, among others. On the larger question, I doubt there is any company I "like". I have a long boycott list. I'm saving money, but ultimately it's probably a futile exercise given that we live in a planned economy rather than a market economy. Mr. Klavin please refrain from saying "hate on" when "hate" makes more sense and avoids illiterate trendiness. Or trendy illiterateness. I couldn't tell if you were using it ironically. Regardless...ugh. Like when someone says "it dropped" and they are not referring to something falling on the floor. A pharmacist said that to me once: Your order will "drop" on...

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The music group known as "CAKE" has failed to produce any meaningful music for years, while holding regular discussions on social media promoting Marxism, Maoism and Antiamerican rhetoric. I will give credit to B&J for at least continuing to produce a product, but that is where the credit ends.

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