This articles is very ingenuous--and spot on. If you've never used the word, it means "showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness." But it is more than this. It frames the innocence of the majority of those who came to the Capitol that day captured in digital images. What kind of innocence? A little lady with a water bottle sight-seeing; a man dressed in horns and skins, wandering about bellowing with his own photographer; a young woman climbing through a window never expecting to be shot to death trying to make her political voice heard; a policeman in favor of the president and free speech affected by teargas, used to push back protestors, collapsing and dying after getting back to police headquarters; a president who encouraged peaceful, patriotic protest who was never informed by the FBI that plans for violence had been uncovered so that he could direct crowds away from the Capitol.

Yes, ingenuous properly describes the description of the majority of actions on January 6.

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"The “insurrection” has been cast as a major turning point in American history—the day when the forces of opposition to democratic norms broke loose and, egged on by an illegitimate, lying president, attempted a bloody coup that aimed to overthrow the government and install Trump as our forever leader, in the model of his hero and controller, Vladimir Putin."

That's a pretty spot on assessment. Not sure how you can be minimizing this.

"an unprecedented impeachment of a private citizen"

It's not unprecedented (William Belknap for example) and he wasn't impeached as a private citizen anyway. It's the conviction that is happening after he left office and is perfectly constitutional.

"and calls to silence political dissent permanently"

This is a description of what conservatives are doing as you already described in your first paragraph.

"How have other regimes responded when faced with violent attacks by extremists?"

No one is arguing that Trump's coup attempt was competent.

In short, today's conservatives are politically and historically illiterate far-leftists that came very close to ending the American republic on the 6th and may yet succeed given the nutters over running the movement.

Articles like this are very disingenuous.

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