I'm intrigued by the prospect of working with Russia to secure cyberspace, and I think that it would be beneficial for both countries if they were to do so. It seems like a win-win situation, in my opinion. Also, please visit my blog, https://www.oilway-valves.com/.

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Anything we do right now is about value and information extraction. Dealing with other countries or our own people. What do we build again or how do we encourage flourishing? Why would anyone not corrupt want to do business with us?

Our “diplomats” let themselves get anal swabbed…

Russia should be respected. But our “elites” have twisted views of respect. It doesn’t mean bow down like in their bizzaro world. We should really stop calling our people “elite” because what are they elite at?

We should pull out of NATO. Does all or most of Europe get energy from Russia?All our NATO defense resources should move to new space companies not Space-X or Blue Bezos or whatever it’s called.

5G is more antennas and more power in closer range. Nothing can go wrong!!!

But to do big things we need real leaders and not the Galaxy Brain Elderly Patrick Bateman’s we have now.

Fake Plant Name: “Polly”. As in Polyurethane. A reminder that almost everything is made of fossil fuels. Even fake plants.

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