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Waiting for the podcast to start, my thought was, "Define 'saved'." And then the conversation began and I was struck by what I consider a dichotomy: the apparent vision of a self-invented religiosity, using some of the terms of today's religions but not based on a creationist God, as being an essential part of a path back to civilization and logic. Frankly, this strikes me a very contrived and a desperate attempt to create order out of chaos. What can only be characterized as the uncivilized Baizuo Left's movement to literally destroy, kill and obliterate any opposition to what they deem "truth" (a fictionalized series of non-truths that support a lack of consequences and imaginary non-failure) that is reminiscent of the Islamic Jihadist approach that calls for universal conversion (or death or slavery as an alternative). They seem to be identical in their practices. But the "Left" has never been amenable to being "saved" if you define that as engaging in a conciliation where opposing sides give to each other to meet in the middle. The Democratic Party of the last century was notorious for feeding on its own with no give or take that was acceptable. Today's dictatorial version is even more absolutist. But some would argue that that is the very nature of the Left and such behavior and practices simply affirm the no "saving" is necessary. I suspect they are right...anarchists and fascists have always simply morphed into another "name" that obfuscates their real purpose, aim, and identity for a time. On and on it goes. But by whatever terms anyone wishes to use, God or a God oriented religion is not a part of the Left, except if such a claim can be used to assert a higher authority for their claim to power over others.

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