I was raised with the expectation that once out of my home anything and everything could appear on the front page of the next day's newspaper so be aware of that when you speak and act. In particular, I was told that when in school I would be...and SHOULD be...under scrutiny. I don't think teachers need body-cams; I think that every area of every school should have camera (with sound) coverage; it improves enforcing order and discipline and helps resolve questions of behavior in disciplinary cases, as well as threat avoidance from outsiders. CRT is harmful to inner city and other schools with minority attendance as it seems to validate acting out against anyone not a minority to an immature audience. The study in Law School was not about being correct or factual so much as it was about tactics that could be used to frame a matter so as to win. That has nothing to do with valid study or schooling.

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Children should not be video taped. Therefore I believe most definitely audio in the classroom is the way to hold educators accountable and it should be readily available to parents at the end of every school day.

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Put cameras in all public schools with audio.

Then everyone will see.

They take tax payer money and are around our kids 7 hours a day.

After the Teachers Union behavior during the FauCHI-19 and wide sweeping attitudes towards our children…yeah time to put cameras.

Wait till the people see public schools, let’s say in West Phoenix as an example only teach in Spanish or in inner cities where they teach nothing. Last but not least the teaching of anti-American and blatantly racist CRT to everyone else.

Throw some cameras in DoD schools while at it.

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