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I’m a welder and for 10 hours a day I CRAVE this sort of content. Also with apprenticeships I’ve learned a lot about life, love and just great advice from the older welders and my supervisors over the years. So you’re correct with people being hungry for higher knowledge in any compactor and they’ll seek it. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to Young Heretics and Spencer’s voice 🤣

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Glad you're enjoying the content! Producer Jake is editing up more of these episodes as we speak!

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*Capacity not compactor*

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As a grandparent I have been appalled at the lack of classes offered to students.

In elementary school there was phonics for spelling. We had cursive writing 2 or 3 days per week. Psychologists argued years ago after cursive was removed from curriculum the loss of creativity from a child's brain being taught on keyboards.. Cursive was a meditative ART that enabled the two sides of the brain to connect. It encouraged creativity from practicing the cursive loops of connected letters.

Both my spouse and myself were products of a school-work program. He went into tool and die trade. I went to nursing. But schools offered in hospital basic nurse aid training in high school!

There were drama and debate clubs after hours.

Somehow we were exposed to all of the elements: drama, choir, band, art, typing, HOME ECONOMICS (civics) and heavy science, math, geometry. Elective non essential classes often were only a couple of times a week with a lot of homework...

But we had them! Kids today get taught in 1st grade about how some people may look like a girl but really be a boy?

What is that crap? Are they calling that civics now?

Reading is a lost art. Cell phones do not belong in school, at the dinner table, while driving. Cell phones are nothing more than mind control for the masses.

Let the politicians keep them. Set the children free!

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What a great topic. I have been wondering about these questions for a while now. I have a undergrad degree from SJC and am a teacher at a classical charter school ... I frankly think that the public k-12 model is going to collapse as well as the tertiary.

Question for you all: as a teacher, when the state of nature comes, would it be worth having a PhD in a good field (politics, phil, lit...) from a respectable school: UD, Hillsdale, Baylor, CUA, ...? Or, can the depth of education that one needs to really **know something** and and thus have something to offer be obtained through a kind of self-education?

Grateful for what you are doing and for your thoughts.

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