Companies should stay out of politics. But they get involved because they are involved in lobbying the government for favors. Jeff Bozos wouldn't be the world's richest man if it weren't for the federal government. He's a welfare brat. Lobbying is legal, and not necessarily bad, but somehow we have to get back to a system where the American people are being represented rather than the bosses of 100 companies. An obvious point, difficult to achieve for some reason.

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Remove benefits, tax, and fines all tools in the toolbox. I would look at blocking IP’s for tech if they continue their tyranny. It can be done...They should all be used for the right reasons and those reasons are in front of everyone.

People can boycott. Look at Target, NBA, Dicks, soon to be Coke. Does anyone really need their stuff? No. So why buy stuff from companies that are anti capitalism and wholly un-American?

They want to leave? They can go. They want their one small souled CEO to speak for the whole company politically? Treat them as such.

Why have political power if not going to use it? Use it to get these companies to be just companies with individuals and not some foreign national board of want to be rulers fantasizing about being a Commie premier.

The revolution can be stopped it might hurt but it must be done.

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