I've been making a boycott list. Then I realized it would be easier to make a list of companies that I find acceptable. So far it's a blank page.

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I’m all for different sources of digital media. Definitely plan to not just survive but to thrive. Prepare.

Possibly one way to put a check on some of woke fascist companies is through state governments. Many CEO’s threaten and attempting to intimidate regular people...So state legislatures should start denying them tax benefits, start cinching down on their properties, kick them out, or whatever... These companies need to know they don’t run the show...

Every time an elected official acquiesces to corporate demands and ignore what they were voted to do reinforces these companies belief that they are the sole rulers. Every time these same elected officials don’t protect their citizens and stand their ground for whats right it becomes a call for more wolves. Call it enabling or call it empowerment that’s what these elected officials do to these companies and we all know where that’s going...

Maybe companies should just be companies again and not have thoughts of a new religion and feudal system? Maybe they need encouraged to stop.

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