Nov 20, 2020

Uncritical Christianity | Tell Me What You Really Think Ep. 14 with Annalyssa Lee

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The American Mind
Each week Spencer drags in The American Mind editors to find out what they really think about the issues facing us today, emphasizing culture and politics. This is the place to find the most based takes our editors have in digestible 15-25 min. episodes.
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The American Mind’s Tell Me What You Really Think is a daily interview series featuring the host, Spencer Klavan, and The American Mind’s publisher and editors aimed at dissecting the issues facing us in America today and finding out what the cast really thinks.

In this installment of TMWYRT, Spencer meets with Annalyssa Lee, Assistant Director of Fellowships for the Claremont Institute, to discuss what she really thinks about modern Christianity’s deep-rooted problem with being uncritically accepting of contradictory belief structures. Annalyssa shares her experiences with members of her social circle and church to illustrate the problems.