Mini-Feature: Thoughts on Vote Counts

Resisting transparency.

What do you think about the latest vote counts?

It is unclear the extent to which Biden won the election due to full fledged illegal actions on the part of his supporters, but it is clear enough that the blue city machines—and the changes to the law that the Democrats made with the virus as their excuse—won it for him.

This is no pristine democracy. It is a highly oligarchical vehicle with the dilapidated engine of a republic running on civic fumes, driven by an increasingly ideologically radical managerial state. To merely suggest that our elective process is sometimes corrupt, regardless of whether or not illegal actions take place within it, is now not only said to be unhinged and irrational but also deemed racist, as is wanting to ensure that only citizens can vote, etc. This stridency is another red flag signifying that fantasy world of upper middle class is hard pressed by reality on all sides.

Here’s a hint: some of your friends may send you reports like these about how there is no such thing as voter fraud in America. This is a bit of a straw man, as the real problem is ballot harvesting, which the midstream rule changes Democrats made regarding mail-ins etc. helped effectively legalize. They could freely go out and pester and round up entire neighborhoods of impoverished people’s votes for Uncle Joe. But guess what the center that publishes those reports above denying voter fraud does? It helps get out the vote for the left in impoverished areas. And guess who pays for it to issue reports saying voter fraud doesn’t exist? Heh.

-Matthew Peterson

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We live in an age when digital tech enables the most precise and complete knowledge in human history of where we are and when, of what we say and do and spend and why. Yet we somehow have no such knowledge concerning ballots. This untenable situation evinces an unsustainable tension. Who rules the votebots to come is yet to be decided. 

-James Poulos

If the Democratic Party truly cared about transparency and maintaining healthy republican norms, they should accept, without too much argument, a recount and fraud investigations. They would not, for instance, parade around as if the election were a settled matter. And by the way, this all goes for the Republican Party, too. Though of course nothing quite defines the modern GOP as the seeming desire for public humiliation.

-David Bahr

Ultimately, my suspicion is that Trump would win if every legal vote were to be counted. The Biden campaign’s resistance to efforts at ensuring transparency, and above all the furious indignation with which the pollsters and the legacy commentariat are demanding we immediately acquiesce to their premature declaration of victory, suggests to me that something is very rotten here and has been for a long time. But luckily the press doesn’t appoint presidents, and the people acting as if they have just done so are fools to be quite studiously ignored. The real process—the legal challenges, the recounts, the fraud investigations—is just beginning. Much will ride on that process: not only the presidency, but the integrity of presidencies and elections hereafter. 

-Spencer Klavan