Help New Tech Save Us From Woke Slavery

Step up and support—before it’s too late.

From Seattle to Portland to San Francisco, it is now well past apparent that America’s west coast cities are falling like dominos. Los Angeles, the biggest yet, is next. Incoming DA George Gascon has ordered that a laundry list of crimes, including trespassing, disturbing the peace, drug possession, public intoxication, and resisting arrest will no longer be prosecuted, with minor fine print exceptions. This step, Gascon assures us, is just the beginning. He demands that law enforcement completely “reimagine” their social role. LA residents—already subject to arbitrary and capricious lockdowns, swarmed by violent, mentally ill, drug-addicted “unhoused,” and placed at the mercy of rioters and militia with woke bona fides—must now “reimagine” the destruction of their civic order, their neighborhoods, and, ultimately, their lives. Many are already part of a new refugee class, racing to relocate before the tipping point is reached. Sadly, that point is already here.

Yes, Soros is involved. “Today California, tomorrow the world” is the theme of the woke statists up and down the chain, especially those, like Mayor Eric Garcetti and patronage potentate Xavier Becerra, who have been hand picked for national roles by Joe Biden’s operators. They are proudly part of what H.G. Wells once called the “open conspiracy” to reset the globalized West—now, in accordance with what has emerged as a new religion. Through an inescapable social credit system suffusing both public and private life, these officials plan to expropriate our country, our property, and our conscience itself into a vast established church. 

This is no “conspiracy theory”—it is spoken of ever more frankly and enthusiastically by the corporate and administrative officer caste and the discourse-ruling class. What’s more, it is the logical direction officialdom must move in under today’s digital conditions. As the overwhelming power and authority of our machines’ total recall disenchants the once-supreme potency of the human imagination, the ethical system of our elites is being reworked by our technological environment from a fantasy to a religion—from a “what if” to a “what is.” If they fail to swiftly port their control in this way from the old age into the new, they lose—they fall from power and are replaced. It really is that simple.

This is why new digital tools are essential for any American or anyone in the world to achieve freedom from the woke church-state and to protect themselves and their communities from the harrowing damage and ruin the official class will subject us to in their pursuit of digital-age mastery. Fortunately, a small but brilliant group of technologists are willing and able to develop and deploy these tools. It is only a question of how much support we can muster to accelerate their efforts. 

You, personally, can be an important part of this help—intellectually, financially, creatively, or otherwise. Now is the time to step up. If you’re willing and able to do so, or would just like to learn more, let me know, and together we can make good things happen. Despite the unfolding horror show in our midst, exciting opportunities to do right and do well are plentiful. Here’s to a powerful, purposeful 2021.

James Poulos (@jamespoulos) is Executive Editor of The American Mind. He is the author of The Art of Being Free (St. Martin's Press, 2017), contributing editor of American Affairs, and a fellow at the Center for the Study of Digital Life.