Nov 3, 2020

Cuties and Streaming | Tell Me What You Really Think Ep. 1 with Matthew Peterson

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The American Mind
Each week Spencer drags in The American Mind editors to find out what they really think about the issues facing us today, emphasizing culture and politics. This is the place to find the most based takes our editors have in digestible 15-25 min. episodes.
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The American Mind’s Tell Me What You Really Think is a daily interview series featuring host Spencer Klavan and rest of The American Mind editorial crew. The show dissects the issues facing America today by finding out what the team really thinks.

In the inaugural episode of TMWYRT, Spencer sits down with Founding Editor of The American Mind, Matthew Peterson, and asks him what he really thinks about the controversial Netflix-hosted movie Cuties. What the existence of the film on a popular platform signals about the direction of our country and the impact of streaming services more generally in America’s public consciousness is discussed.